Moonwalker Computer Game

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During the 80s, computer games were not that complex, so the game play had to be harder than Superman’s abdominal muscles in order add longevity and to pretend that you did not just waste $50 on garbage. The Moonwalker Computer Game definitely falls under that category. Consisting of four levels that would even convince the king of pop that video games are a waste of time, this annoying jumble of software will make you pull your hair out and scream at the monitor.

If you are reading this, then you are at least a little intrigued to play this game. So it is time to cheat. I had such a hard time with the Moonwalker Computer Game that I am going to do you an enormous favor and give you some tips and tricks to help you along your way.

Level 1: The Film Studio

Just like in the movie, a bunch of characters are chasing you. That is not all though. You need to find pieces of your costume that are scattered in a maze. In addition, you need to find the costume pieces in the right order; finding a glove will not matter if you have not found the jacket yet. As if that were not hard enough, you are timed. You also have a limited number of lives that you will also need for the next level. So yeah, this is the first level and it is already bat-crazy hard.

Moonwalker level one map

Above is a partial map that I made. It is one of those games where if you find the left glove before you find the right glove, well that is too bad because you have to abandon it until you find the other one first. So I marked the order that you have to find everything. You are welcome.

Level 2: The City

This level is similar except you are riding a motorcycle at super speed, thus being twice as likely to collide with a bad guy. You have to collect objects that are impossible to distinguish what they are. One looks like three contact lenses and another looks like a dinosaur egg. There are guys too that will “shoot” you. And by shoot, I mean you instantly die whether they were in their line of fire or not. What is interesting though is that you can run them over leaving a violent blood splatter, surprising knowing that the Moonwalker Computer game is based on a family movie.

When you find all the stuff you are supposed to collect, you turn into a car (which makes just as much sense as it did in the movie) and then have to jump over a barrier to the next area. Once you turn into the car, you have like 8 seconds to find the barrier and not bump into any bad guys along the way. Yes, 8 seconds. If you bump into a bad guy or run out of time, you have to find all of those damn dinosaur egg things all over again. So keep some posters handy to cover all of the anger-punch-holes in your wall.

Level 3: The Lounge

Okay, guys are shooting at you and you do not know what to do. So you walk around and find a tommy gun! Awesome! Oh wait, how do I shoot this? I am holding down the action button, but nothing is happening. What am I doing wrong? Well eventually I realized that I needed to find bullets. What do bullets look like? A white rectangle I guess. Apparently in the land of the Moonwalker Video Game, bullets are sold in boxes of ONE.

Level 4: Ending

Moonwalker Game Ending

The last level is actually fun. It is too bad most people what have probably abandoned the game long ago and will never play it. You just shoot a bunch of stuff on a rotating turret. When you finish shooting, you transform and fly off as a jet.

Cheaters Always Win

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Unfortunately the Moonwalker Computer Game gives you a mountain of lemons and no sugar, so it is time to dump some of that sour fruit into the river and kill some fish. I recommend that you find yourself a memory hacker program such as Game Wizard 32 Pro. The memory address for the number of lives in the first level of the DOS version is 0001319C so jump to that address and change the value to 99 (or just freeze it, if the program allows you to do so). The memory address for the number of lives in the second level is 0001419B. Level 3, go to 0000FBC5 and make it 1, so you only have to shoot 1 guy to win.

Unless you happened to find this game at a garage sale, you probably have not played it, because it is hard to find. You could check eBay.You will have better luck finding the Sega version, which is not only more available but is much more fun to play.

What did you think of this game? I would rather not put it into words. Leave a comment below, especially if this crummy review was any use to you.