Duke It Out In DC

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One of my favorite expansion packs that no one ever talks about is Duke It Out in DC made for Duke Nukem 3D. Published by WizardWorks in 1997, this game did not only allow a virtual tour of Washington DC, but also let you fight your way through famous locations.

Not only could you wander around buildings like the White House or the Smithsonian, but also secret passageways and employee-only corridors. Even the Metro system is there for you to ride. Take my word for it: In 1997, familiar virtual worlds like this did not exist for you to explore in first person.

Although scale and location was not always accurate, just the idea of exploring places you know you never will in real sure helps get the imagination going. Despite this, people became more familiar with the Atomic Edition expansion pack and often had never even heard of Duke it out in DC.

To get this game running in DOSBOX took some trickery, because it is compressed strangely. Only by slowing down the emulator by simulating a slower processor did I eventually got this child-hood favorite game working again.

Fighting monsters in Washington DC nearly 10 years before Fallout 3 did the same thing shows how much of an impact a game like this could be. It shows that context can be as fun as game-play. Duke Nukem 3D was already known for its realistic and interactive environments, and Duke It Out in DC is icing on the cake.

You should definitely buy this game.

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