Maximum Carnage Game Tips and Secrets

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Nothing is more aggravating than playing a challenging game with no apparent way to get through it. This is the reason why you need to read this guide to help walk you though some of the more questionable aspects of the Maximum Carnage video game. It is based off the comic book of the same name, and allows the player to step into the shoes of both Spider-Man and Venom in order to stop Carnage and his gang.

When playing Spider-Man, a huge tip is to use the webbing to grab an opponent and pull them to you, allowing you to pick them up. I cannot stress enough how important this is. This allows you to quickly pick up and throw and enemy into other enemies. This allows you to attack multiple enemies at once, but more importantly it allows you to move the enemies to one side of the screen. One of the most frustrating aspects of the game is being hit from both sides, so using the back-flip to move to jump behind enemies is a good idea, as well as throwing them where you need them to be. This tip is going to help you get through the Maximum Carnage game much faster. You can use the same strategy with Venom, however he is slower, and it’s harder to grab and throw enemies fast enough.

Shriek and Doppleganger

When fighting multiple boss enemies at the same time, it’s hard not to get overwhelmed. There is almost always a secret somewhere that allows you more life or a hero assist token. For example, the first battle on a rooftop has a water tank that if you punch it enough times, it will break and give you a bonus. The second rooftop encounter has some much-needed secrets hidden behind some tree leaves. Without these power-ups, the battle becomes nearly impossible. Sometimes during boss battles, it is more practical to repeatedly use the special attack to get through the scene. When using a special attack, you will lose life, but in exchange you will get a guaranteed hit to any enemy around you. This is useful when there are multiple enemies attacking you at once, and one of the enemies is near death. This is essentially how you will get past all the boss battles in the Maximum Carnage game.

When fighting boss battles with multiple bosses, you want prioritize which of the enemies you will attack first. If Shriek is present, you want to grab her with your webbing and throw her as fast as you can, ideally at the other enemy. She is the only boss that you can grab with your webbing. During the second rooftop battle, you can knock Demogoblin off the roof as he is flying on his glider. You have to make sure that he lands on the edge of the roof, since the sides of the roof are raised and it will be impossible to punch him off otherwise. Demogoblin will sucker-punch you repeatedly if you get to close to him. Being too far away will make you susceptible to his pumpkin bombs, and so you need to punch him at the perfect distance.

Spider-Man and Demogoblin

Fighting Doppelganger is similar, since he grabs you if you get too close, and lunges at you if you are too far away. Unfortunately, punching him will often inch your character closer to him, allowing him to grab you. You might want to punch him three times, jump out of the way before he grabs you, and then attack again at the right moment. If Shriek is present, grab her and throw her at Doppelganger repeatedly.

These are the basic tips to get you through the Maximum Carnage game. Without these strategies, you will have a much harder time making it through the game. Leave a comment if these tips have helped you, or if there are more that you would like to mention.