Moonwalker movie

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Among the strangest movies I had ever seen is Michael Jackson: Moonwalker. Apparently the movie’s distributor, Warner Brothers, felt the same way because they decided to never release it in a USA movie theater. As strange as it is, its memorable moments make it worthy or your attention.

What makes Moonwalker such a strange movie? Its lack of a center theme. The movie is a mishmash of music videos and bizarre short stories. The strange animations are of things that will haunt you in your sleep if you are among the paranoid type. This is ironic because the movie feels as if it were created for children.

What kind of bizarre things happen in Moonwalker? A talking Statue of Liberty, a mountain morphing into a rabbit’s face, and Michael transforming into a space ship are just a few examples. There are many more. This is the kind of movie that if you saw it while on drugs, it could create irreversible paranoia.

Moonwalker is basically a promotional movie for Michael Jackon’s album hit album Bad . The two were meant to be released near the same date. The tactic must have worked because the Bad album had five number-one hits …a record that remains to this day.

This is a testament to the ridiculously awesome music in Moonwalker, especially Smooth Criminal which is featured in a ten-minute segment with memorable dance sequences and Michael Jackson’s iconic white 30s-style gangster suit. Even if you think the rest of the movie is poop, this scene alone makes the movie worth watching. (affiliate link)

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