Grease Movie Sandy

You may have heard of the Grease movie, a film adaptation of the 1971 musical. If you know me, then you know that I love coming of age shows and movies, and this movie fits the bill just fine. Starring John Travolta as Danny and Olivia Newton-John as Sandy, rough terrain ensues a passionate relationship during the 50s.

I had always loved watching the Grease movie as a kid as much as I do now. The plot is that fate brought two people together during a summer spent on the beach. By coincidence, they both end up in the same high school during senior year. Reputations and hurt feelings get between the two of them causing friction.

But you know what? Nobody watches the Grease movie or musical solely for the plot. What draws you to the film is the fantastic music. Some may not be a fan of musicals, however the quirky nature suits the 50s theme well. Many of the songs are fantastic hits and are incredibly memorable. If that is not reason enough, Sandy in Grease is gorgeous. The lyrics, costumes and dresses set the mood perfectly as well.

Take the sweet 50s theme, add some awesome music and a dash of humor and you have a solid hit on your hands. When I would watch this on VHS as a kid, it was the cropped “pan-scan” that would destroy much of the movie. Lucky for you, the movie is now available in its original widescreen format (affiliate link) which makes it worth every second of your time to watch it.

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