Liar Liar Movie

Back in 1997, I remember seeing a poster Advertising the Liar Liar movie as a kid and thinking how hilarious it was. This was before a new multiplex opened and destroyed every movie theater in 25 miles. Before that happened though, I knew I had to see Jim Carrey and the rest of the classic cast. With names like Jennifer Tilly, Krista Allen, Amanda Donahue, Justin Cooper and Samantha Cole, who would not want to check it out?

The plot is that a lawyer, who feels he must lie for his profession, ends up lying throughout every aspect of his life. This causes his son to make a birthday wish that forces the main character, played by Jim Carrey, to not lie for 24 hours.

I loved the Liar Liar movie as a kid because it seemed to be a fun family movie. Although I must use the term “family movie” loosely, because there is cursing throughout. Words like d*ck, pr*k, sh*t and a**hole are just the tip of the iceberg that had clearly tipped the scale and gave this movie a pg-13 rating.

If you come across Liar Liar on dvd (affiliate link) or see it online on Netflix or Hulu or something, be sure to watch it. It’s a fun movie, as I’ve said, and it attributes all of Jim Carrey’s positive traits. Check it out.

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