Pigs in Space Atari 2600

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As a kid, I used to love the Pigs In Space Atari 2600 game. Years later I discovered that it became a valuable collectable, but not before finding out that it was often ridiculed for being a bad game. I disagree completely.

The Pigs In Space Atari 2600 cartridge is often criticized for being a copy of three games: Space Invaders, Cosmic Creeps and Fantastic Voyage. The cartridge contained three games in one and even had a title screen, which is scarce for the Atari 2600. All three of the games are fun and easy to play. If each of these games has value individually, why do some thing it has no value when grouped together?

Another aspect that makes the Pigs In Space Atari 2600 game underrated is that it has simulated 3D graphics, which is not only scarce in Atari 2600 games but it is basically non-existent. I am referring to the spinning Gonzo head in one of the games and a rocking space ship in another. These two graphics highlight strong points of this game that make it stand out.
Pigs in Space ship

gonzo pigs in space
If those two reasons were not enough to convince you to get a hold of this game, (affiliate link) you should also know that it is rather rare. Unlike the piles of ET or Pac Man games that exists, this one you actually have to keep an eye out for.

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