Kool Aid Gets Fired

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I love to support the little guy as much as anyone else, but some comics are just too weird to go mainstream. The good news is that they are often as funny as they are strange. Here are the weirdest self-published comics that I have found at comic conventions or on kickstarter.

Kool-Aid Man Gets Fired

This comic is awesome, as I have discussed before. The title says it all. Basically the Kool-Aid man gets himself into a lot of trouble from all sorts of things. Sex. Drinking. You name it. He even accidentally kills a girl when she performs fellatio on him and dies from a sugar overdose. I cannot stress enough how hilarious this comic is. It is small in size which I assume was to shave off printing costs. The websites listed in the book no longer work, which is a shame because I would have gladly shared this comic with my friends.


I promised you the weirdest self-published comics, and this is definitely one of them. The plot is that a bunch of women that have faces of owls live in So Ho, New York City during the 1940s. Whether they have special or abilities or not is vague based on the first issue. Either way this comic freaked me the heck out. It is so bizarre that it is hard to find anything stranger than this. At least, not until you read the next comic on this list.

The Samurnauts

Ever feel like a comic book is trying too hard to be cool? Samuranauts has multicolored samurais from outer space with a monkey leader. (Splinter, anyone?) It also has zombies and pirates. The Power Rangers Samurnauts have a laser sword and a powerful hammer as weapons. The paper-thin plot yet convoluted comic due to the multiple artists makes it harder to understand than it should.

Sock Drawer

Sock Drawer comic
A man named Phil finds a dresser on the street with the words FREE on it. He finds out that he ended up with more than he bargained for. Strange creatures began appearing from his sock drawer. Although an unusual comic book for sure, its tongue-in-cheek humor makes it a fun read. It is also more grounded, and as strange as it sounds, less preposterous than others because the world Phil lives in is current and real.


Murderville comic
This cartoony comic book is just a jealousy story at its heart. But what makes it crazy is that the jealous woman owns an “armory boutique”. As you can imagine, this sets up for a humorous situation. This book is a bit weird but otherwise fun-loving. Whenever people see this comic in my collection, it sticks out enough for someone to ask me about it.

…So those are the top 5 weirdest self-published comics, in my opinion. Any others you would like to add? Leave a comment.