Mary Jane pregnant

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It may be hard to picture Spider-Man’s wife Mary Jane Watson pregnant, but it happened in the Revelations storyline which took place beginning in Spectacular Spider-Man 240. Tragically, her coffee was drugged by the Green Goblin, which forced her to have a miscarriage. She loses the baby.

This happened as part of the controversial Clone Saga story arc which altered the storyline from what was originally intended to happen. You can google the Clone Saga yourself if you are not familiar with the over complicated fiasco. Long story short, originally Mary Jane Watson pregnant and Peter Parker being a father would transition into Peter Parker retiring from being Spider-Man while Ben Reilly would take over. Outraged, fans demanded that Parker be the one true Spider-Man and thus could not have a child in the mix. Mary Jane loses the baby to a miscarriage.

The first time we discovered that she was pregnant was during the story arc Web of Death. What bothers me about the whole thing is that I thought it would have been a great opportunity to introduce a new element and character into the Marvel Universe. I think about what an important part son Franklin Richards played for the Fantastic Four and how he added so much more to the continuing story. The idea of having another person for Spider-Man to care for, raise and talk to, would immensely allow more story writing freedom.

The particular issue where we see Mary Jane Watson pregnant in the hospital performing a still-birth is in The Amazing Spider-Man 418 (Revelations part 3 of 4 (Affiliate Link)). I remember reading this comic as a kid, not understanding anything about what the back story was. All I knew was that the comic had fun artwork and cool action scenes. Sometimes I think that people overreact to story arcs that may have actually improved things if they had just allowed it to happen.

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