Y the last man review

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Perhaps the greatest story ever told in comic form is Y: The Last Man, which lasted for 60 issues (Affiliate Link). Perfectly paced and always exciting, this post-apocalyptic story about the last living human male on earth brings a profound commentary on life and existence.

Perhaps it was caused by evolution. A plague. A biological attack. Even magic. No one knows why it happened. One day, all the males on earth suddenly drop dead. Not just human males, but for all species. The only exceptions are a man named Yorick and his pet monkey. Anti-male vigilantes decide to burn down all sperm banks, and to hunt down Yorick. The Israeli Army begins chasing him as well.

Y The Last Man considers all possible solutions, especially cloning. There are a plethora of never ending plot twists. One of the vigilantes is Yorik’s sister. There are astronauts trapped in space. Most government leaders are dead. But Yorke only wants one thing: to find his girlfriend.

There is a lot of commentary about gender. Yorick is traveling with two companions, and one of them happens to be gay. When there are no men left on earth, lesbian action is inevitable. You would not think so considering the situation, but the story has at least three or four sex scenes.

So How did Yorick survive in Y The Last Man? Spoiler alert: it was the monkey. His poo protected him somehow. That is all that is definite in the story, as the rest is up for speculation.

It will be really hard not to like a kick-ass comic series like Y The Last Man. It has a ton of memorable quotes for one, and has some wonderful art work. Many of the covers were done by J.G. Jones, who frankly is one of the best damn cover artists in the business.

Not to sound like a jerk, but you would have to be a total idiot to not consider buying this entire series. Yes, that is a bold claim, but I do not say it lightly. Do not take my word for it. It won an Eisner award in 2008 for best continuing series. So if Y The Last Man does not blow your socks off, you have my permission to come back here and yell at me.

Once you have checked it out (affiliate link) let me know what your thoughts were. leave a comment below.