Age of Ultron

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No doubt you have heard of Age of Ultron. It was a comic book story published by Marvel where an artificial intelligence, called Ultron, decides to wipe out humanity. It came out as a 10-issue series in 2013 and was decided to be a movie in 2015. The best way to explain the story would be say that it is a lot like the plot of The Terminator. An artificial intelligence decides to kill all humans and does it from the future. In order to stop it, what is left of the Avengers must go into the past. This of course causes complications.

Age of Ultron began because of Hank Pym, formally known as Ant Man. He thought that a machine smarter than humans would lead humanity into the future. Later the Intelligencia super villain team are found with Ultron and activate it. The Avengers chase it away into the future after Thor hits it with his hammer. Ultron attacks from the future with an army that destroys every major city.

Spider-Woman captured stripped naked

Certain alarming events happen. The Avengers catch The Intelligencia with Ultron because they were rescuing Spider-Woman who was captured and stripped naked for no reason. In Age of Ultron, Spider-Man was also captured and drugged with little explanation. These two instances felt like manipulation that did not advance the story.

During an attempt to gather intelligence, Luke Cage and She-Hulk both end up killed. She-Hulk received the worst of it, being simply blasted in the head. Luke Cage on the other hand manages to survive a nuclear blast, at least for a little while.

Wolverine does what he does best and decides that murder is the solution. He decides to go into the past and kill Hank Pym, courtesy of a time machine provided by Nick Fury. after succeeding, he returns home only to discover that the world is in ruins due to Ultron not bring able to fight off alien invasions. Iron Man, despite being literally torn to pieces, manages to maintain some stability but fails in the end. They decide that the Age of Ultron was better than never having Ultron at all.

Ultron Death

In the end Wolverine decides to try again to travel through time into the past and convince Hank Pym to implant a kill switch to destroy Ultron when the time came and its abilities were already put to use. Ultron reaches an ultimate death and dies in the future. although defeated, the time continuum breaks due to being abused.

Age of Ultron is a real money drainer in if you want to read everything. It is also super confusing if you try to track down all comic books, not to mention trying to read them in the right order. Luckily though, the story is worth it. It is also worth explaining to your spouse why you cannot afford this month’s rent. The good news is that the major parts of the story are compiled (Affiliate Link) for your convenience in a cheap paperback.

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