Sock Drawer comic

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Ever hear of this comic called Sock Drawer? No? I do not blame you. Sock Drawer is an obscure comic book created by Counter Monkey Comics. Issue 1 found its way into my hands. It is noticeably larger than other comics of today. I guess this is because it was intended to have a magazine feel, hence it’s subtitle “The World’s Most Preposterous Comics Magazine” (perhaps to parody Fantastic Four’s cover saying “The World’s Greatest Comic Magazine”. Not a vain statement at all!) The man behind the comic seems to be Jesse Arnold, considering he did the story, art, cover, founded Counter Monkey Comics, raised money for the comic… almost everything, basically.

What is Sock Drawer about? I will give the short version: a college student finds a dresser, and it turns out the sock drawer is a space portal or something. This allows aliens and stuff to appear in his bedroom. The story is interesting enough to have you continuously turning the page, which I cannot always say for other independent comics.

The Sock Drawer Comic is in black and white, as many independently published comics are. For some reason though, I was expecting it to be in color. The artwork is a real mixed bag. Panels were apparently illustrated in a variety of mediums, such as ink, markers and computer effects. Many of the panels use unexpected perspectives or angles. Jesse Arnold is not afraid to use the top-down view, which sets the environment effectively in Sock Drawer. Some panels look great, while others look terrible. Some backgrounds are completely void.

If you are interested in Sock Drawer, you can check the Counter Monkey Comics website, or I guess Meeptastic is the specific site for Sock Drawer. Usually these indie comics get buried after a couple years due to dead links, so if the links I posted were dead by the time you read this… sorry about that.

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