Superman goes to Mexico

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As you sit there reading this, relaxed and comfortable, you are about to learn of an interesting comic to read. Did you know that Superman goes to Mexico every now and then? No, he does not go there to check out the ultra-sweet El Ultimo Escape ride at Six Flags. The Daily Planet has a Spanish sister paper called El Planeta, and Clark Kent (Superman) is in Mexico as a foreign correspondent. This all takes place in Superman Annual 12, the second series from 2000. And of course, it would not be a typical day with the man of steel unless he is pounding his fists into someone’s face.

It is always strange when you see super heroes in foreign countries, because you often see the foreign counterparts of American heroes. Apparently, Mexico has their own version of Iron Man called Iman. (and in the DC universe instead of Marvel…) Another shocking surprise in Superman Annual 12 is that Superman speaks fluent Spanish. When I saw this, I rolled my eyes. So Superman has every physical super-power in the book and can speak foreign languages? Come on. He grew up on a farm; it is not like he encountered many cultures in his youth.

You like comics, you like Superman, and… you like Mexico? If so, relax with a cup of tea as you learn about Superman’s adventures in the land where drinking water will give you diarrhea. You will read this (Affiliate Link), and you will like it. Because Superman goes to Mexico. And that this sort of weird.

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