New Mutants Annual 7


Oct 24, 2013
New Mutants Annual 7

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I would love to tell you immediately everything that happens in New Mutants Annual 7, but rather than just tell one complete story, the brilliant minds at Marvel Comics decided it would be better to break it up into three partial stories. That way kids will have to steal more money from their parents in order to buy more comic books and see how the stories end.

New Mutants Annual 7 starts off with the innocently-sounding team Alliance of Evil attacking a school. By page 6, we have already seen a kid thrown out of a helicopter and tumbling on the ground. One of the alliance guys is named Tower, and he can either grow or shrink in size. Yes, exactly like Ant-Man. This leads to a funny Gulliver’s Travels situation where he is lying on the ground while big, and two of the New Mutants point guns at his head.

You love comic books, and love collecting comics even more. And of course, Marvel and X-Men make a magic baby that provides limitless joy. New Mutants Annual 7 is a comic that you need to add to your collection. It has three stories in one that will give you a kind of happy ending that you have never had before. Check it out (Affiliate Link).

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