Homecoming Comic

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Imagine if you had a friend that was abducted by aliens, then returns with their own space craft, and with special powers. That is the basic plot of the Homecoming comic series published by Aspen. The company that created Fathom had decided to reboot many of their popular titles, including the one we are discussing here.

Basically, the Homecoming comic can be described like this: a bunch of ordinary teenagers are caught off guard when they are given supernatural powers. If this sounds familiar, it is because Gen13 had a similar plot. And of course, once powers arise, so do bad guys looking for punishment.

The artwork in the first few issues had been done by Emilio Lasio, and had done a beautiful job as well. As with many comics, the women in the Homecoming comic series look similar. All are thin hard-bodies with belly shirts. Add some skin-tight jeans and short skirts and you have some great looking women.

You love comics and love stories. The Homecoming comic hits all the bases and you need to check it out (Affiliate Link). As I have implied before, Aspen does not get the attention it deserves. Its comics are top-notch and seem to be competing with the top publishers in a way that should be making them sweat.

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