Superman VS Darkseid


Oct 19, 2013
Superman VS Darkseid

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What if Superman fought Darkseid? That is a question on many people’s minds. Superman is powerful, no doubt. But Darkseid is beyond powerful. He has the powers of the gods, so it is not hard to imagine him dominating. Either way, we get a glimpse over who might win in Justice League 23.1 (sadly, I’m not kidding.. 23.1. Sigh. )

So Justice League 23.1 is basically the tale of Darkseid, a character so evil that he killed gods and stole their powers…. and then blew up the planet. So what’s a guy to do when he encounters the Justice League? Yes, that’s right: beat each and every one of them to a bloody pile of pulp. So when we get into a Superman VS Darkseid scenario, who do we see win? Well I don’t want to spoil it… but it is kewl.

Justice League 23.1 has “Darkseid #1” written over “Justice League” on the cover. It has something to do with Trinity War I guess, because it has a cover gallery in the back, showing other comic series covers in a similar fashion. It makes it hard to track down where to buy them, because you are not sure what name to search under. Like here (Affiliate Link), the only thing you can do really is just go to Justice League 2011 and then scroll down and find 23.1 .