American Virgin comic

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When it comes to Vertigo Comics, an imprint of DC, it can be hit or miss. The American Virgin comic, however, is comic gold. As implied by its title, this comic series is a mature title that confronts sexuality head-on (no pun intended) and encounters many twists and turns. I was able to make an assessment of the series after reading issue 9.

Issue 9 of the American Virgin comic has the main character in an awkward situation. People have been misinformed and have been told that he is gay. His reaction? “I wish I was never born.” Powerful stuff. He also discovers the location of the executioner of his girlfriend. It makes you wonder: what would you do if you knew where to find the person how had killed your loved one?

Written by Steven Seagle and penciled by Becky Cloonan, the American Virgin comic is a real treat. What makes the characters interesting is their different perspectives. The main character, Adam, is a virgin. His sister, Cyndi, is anything but. American Virgin is available in four trade paperbacks (Affiliate Link) that makes this excellent comic easy and affordable to read. I am glad I came across it, and I think you will be too.

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