100 Bullets Comic

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Would you kill someone if you were given the opportunity? That is the concept behind 100 Bullets, an ultra-cool comic series published by Vertigo (DC Comics). Issue 5 fell into my lap, which turned out to be a wonderful read.

In 100 Bullets #5, a man confronts a powerful woman, who had planted child pornography on his computer. He points a gun with untraceable bullets in her face. The woman is so powerful that she has the ability to alter anyone’s computer records, including financial information. With a little convincing, the man lets her live… only to be killed by her as a result.

Beside the intriguing plot element explained earlier, what really makes 100 Bullets wonderful is the artwork. Eduardo Risso did an amazing job with incredible foreshortening emphasized to bring appeal to his art style. In this 5th issue, there is a strip club scene (with minimal nudity) that has such wonderful silhouettes, shadows and coloring that it makes Frank Miller’s Sin City look like toilet paper.

In case you missed the overall message, here it is: 100 Bullets is some damn fine work. If you have been searching for a good read at an affordable price, this is it. It is a really easy read, and is not one of those comics that flood the page with a wall of text. Be sure to pick up a copy when you come across it so you can see what I mean.

Have you read 100 Bullets? Did you like it? Tell me what you liked best about it in the comment box below.