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Once upon a time, a group of popular comic book creators had come together and decided to come up with their own publisher: Image Comics. Since then, the company has grown to bigger and better things. At the beginning, they had comics like Cyberforce (or Cyber Force, depending how you interpret the title). The comic was created by Marc Silvestri and was a four-part miniseries originally.

The Cyberforce comic book was created in the early 90s, and it shows. The comic is about cyborgs and mutants or something, I’m not really sure. I have issues 1, 2, and 4. From what I can tell, the comic focuses on a team of cyborgs, which are kind of like the X-Men. I assume this was done on purpose to ride the tidal wave of X-Men, which was so popular that it probably seemed like prime meat for a newly-formed company like Image to steal from. Like all 90s comics, practically every panel is a fight scene, because violence was all the rage back then (you can thank Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for that) .

Some of the Cyberforce characters are interesting as well. For example, there is a teenage mutant that wants to be left alone, but is constantly being sought after due to her abilities. Her name is Rogue Velocity. Marc Silvestri not only created Cyberforce, but penciled and inked the comic was well, which looks gorgeous. I cannot give the same good graces to the colorist, however, because a major boo-boo on the second page of issue 2, where he left the entire panel uncolored, except for the background.
cyberforce comic error
In closing, let me point out that I have issues 1, 2, and 4 (of a four issue miniseries) purely by coincidence, because Cyberforce is such a common over-stock comic that it is frequently in grab bags and discount bins. What is my point? It is extremely easy to find, and you have no excuse not to read it. It is fun, cool and clever, not to mention some awesome artwork to boot. So be sure to give it a look (Affiliate Link) as you do your usual comic shopping.

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