Black Canary captured

No, this is not some fan-fiction made by a teenage boy. This is an actual story that took place in The Brave and the Bold 166. Black Canary is bound and gagged by the Penguin after being caught during a stake-out. I have to admit, it is pretty hot to see the sexy Black Canary captured and tied up. She was also stripped to her underwear as well. How this comic was ever approved by the Comics Code Authority is a mystery.

The story of The Brave and the Bold 166 is that the Penguin breaks out of prison and finds himself a gang. The Black Canary discovers the Penguin’s revenge plan and attempts to prevent the murders he plans to commit. Batman finds her and tags along. They both enjoy the team-up and flirt with each other. When they split up later, Black Canary is captured and tied up in a chair while wearing only underwear. Batman comes to the rescue and saves the day.

I do not think I have to explain to you why owning this collectible should be on your priority list. Beside seeing the sexy Black Canary captured, the story is great. The main story is called “Requiem for 4 Canaries” but there is another bonus story as well. This comic was published in 1980, a time where the paper it was printed on was cheaper, but the comic was much lengthier and gave you your money’s worth. So break that piggy-bank of yours, give it a read, and stop being so cheap!
Black Canary tied up

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