Superman never kills Spider-Man

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The idea of Superman fighting Spider-Man may seem ludicrous, not to mention impossible because the characters belong to opposing companies. But it happened in 1976 when Superman vs Spider-Man was published. Too bad it was just a tease and they were not seriously battling each other.

Once upon a time, Spider-Man witnesses Lex Luthor disguised as Superman. When he confronts the real Superman, things do not go so well. Luthor also shoots Spider-Man with some weird radiation gun that gives him the ability to hit Superman with powerful blows, but still could not do much damage. Then suddenly, Superman nearly kills Spider-Man. He punches him so hard that he has to stop his fist mid-air to prevent himself from killing him.

Naturally, Spider-Man’s radioactive advantage dissipates and the two of them decide to chase Luthor and Doctor Octopus who have been partners in crime. So we never discover who wins or loses. The closest thing is when Superman nearly kills Spider-Man, which I found to be the most interesting part of the story.

Just one more note: Lois Lane and Mary Jane meet in this story for the first time. There is even a quick hint of jealousy as Mary Jane accuses Lois Lane of stealing her man friend, Peter Parker.

As the first crossover between DC and Marvel, Superman vs Spider-Man is an iconic collectable worth owning (Affiliate Link). It is also the kind of collectable that is pricey, but not too pricy, which is my favorite kind. So if Superman punching Spider-Man in the face is your bag, check it out.