Kool Aid Gets Fired


Oct 15, 2013
Kool Aid Gets Fired

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I had the pleasure of meeting the illustrator and cartoonist Tim Piotrowski this weekend. He was selling a small-sized comic called Kool Aid Gets Fired, which I knew I had to read, so I picked it up. Mr Piotrowski was even nice enough to draw a little doodle on the inside cover for me of the Kool-Aid man saying “This Blows!” Well I disagree: this comic doesn’t blow. It is absolutely hilarious.

The plot is that the Kool-Aid man (simply referred to as Kool Aid) gets fired from Kraft Foods Crapft Foods and needs to decide what to do with his life. He tries many things on his journey, only to dig himself into a deeper hole each time. This includes going to a massage parlor, snorting cocaine, and impregnating Mrs Butterworth. He also tries to get an office job.

As mentioned, there are some recognizable characters in Kool Aid Gets Fired. Beside Mrs Butterworth, there is also Mr Peanut, Captain Crunch, Charlie the Tuna, and others. The comic has some color sparingly, but is mostly black and white. I do not want to give too much away about this comic because there is a ton more gut-busting panels that are too funny to spoil.

I wish I could give you a link to where to buy this, but I have no idea. The websites listed on the back cover either do not work or are outdated. The copyright says 2010. If you are a fan of the Kool-Aid man, you should take a look at another Kool-Aid comic I found a while ago.