Thunderbolts 16

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Aah, Thunderbolts. Whether you are a fan of the classic series from 1997 or a fan of the newer series’, there is something for everyone. The title is known for its cool character team-ups, and Thunderbolts 16 is no different. Including the Punisher, Deadpool, and Elektra. What could go wrong?

In Thunderbolts 16, following up from the previous issue, aliens are attacking for some reason. The mob bosses and other fat cats are hiding in a bunker, and the Punisher could not be more anxious to blow it open and, presumably, mow them all down with bullets. The hulk is preoccupied, so Punisher uses a stolen bunker-buster to help him open the path.

The artwork in Thunderbolts 16 continues to be awful. The drawings are inconsistent, blocky, and make the comic feel like a cartoon. The story, instead of feeling cool and clever, comes off as humorous and childish. It has nothing to do with the writing, because it is great. (Although I feel that the Punisher, who is always precise, is uncharacteristically reckless in this issue)

Thunderbolts 16 continues an intriguing storyline that is worth continuing to follow. A good place to start looking for current issues is at Things From Another World, if there is no comic shop around you.

Were you ever a fan of the Thunderbolts series? Did you read this issue? What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below.