Trish Out of Water

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Trish Out of Water from Aspen Comics is a real treat. I picked up a limited edition of issue #1 at a convention and I must say that it a great read. The story is about a teenage girl who discovers that she has special abilities.

The comic begins with Trish, the main character, being a typical teenage girl. She has parents that are difficult to understand, and a boyfriend that is trying to get into her pants. But she begins to discover that she has an effect on water. She can either control water or turn into water; it is not clear in this first issue. So when she experiences some shocking events, things take a turn for the worst. Trish’s powers remind me of the show The Secret Life of Alex Mack.

Trish Out of Water has some excellent artwork done by penciller Giuseppe Cafaro. My only complaint would be that Trish and her mom look too similar. There is also a sketchy-style look to the comic, which I assume is due to it being drawn on a computer tablet, rather than on paper.

Aspen, founded by Michael Turner, did a wonderful job on Trish Out of Water #1, and reading it makes me want to read the next issue. I love these comics that are more people oriented and less super hero oriented. When it is like that, the comic becomes easier to read and more relatable. If you wish to check out this series, you can try checking here, otherwise you can always see if it’s available at Lone Star Comics (Affiliate Link) .

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