Murderville comic

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I just read this comic called Murderville: A Farewell to Armories. It says issue one, but who knows if there, or will be, other issues. The Murderville comic was created by Carol Lay and has an unusual style to it.

The story of Murderville is simple: some evil wench has a weapons collection and wants to use them on another woman in town. She has her eyes set on a certain doctor, who will allow her to complete her plot for domination. But first the wife must go.

Due to how simple the Murderville comic is written and illustrated, there is not much to say about it. I will say that it is hilarious to read, and was pure entertainment. I would say that it is fun for all ages, except that it contains crudely drawn nudity. Even with the bewbs and penises, I might still throw this comic to my nephew, who I trust would treasure it for its humor and not to keep keep him company during lonely nights. I mean, this is the 21st century, I am sure kids have discovered the internet by now, for all its glory.

Bottom line is that Murderville is a fun and silly comic that is worth reading. Carol Lay: if you are reading this, I would suggest leaving the nudity out to reach a broader audience. That being said, this quirky comic is the bees knees! Wow, I am way too old…