Batman Slaps Robin original

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Robin… don’t you hate him? What a brat, right? You just.. just.. want to slap him in the face! Well apparently Batman agrees, because he does this in World’s Finest Comics 153. Batman slaps Robin in his chubby prepubescent face. Of course seeing it now is kind of shocking, but back in the day I bet slapping children was as common as complaining about your wife’s lousy cooking, or riding a unicycle.

The plot of World’s Finest 153 is of an “imaginary story” where Batman thinks that Superman killed his father. The story is called “The Clash of Cape and Cowl” as Batman seeks revenge. Bruce Wayne since a small child had devoted his life toward avenging his father, and is the reason for becoming a detective and becoming Batman. When Robin discovers this, he accuses Batman of being mistaken. And Batman’s response? Batman slaps Robin in the face.

Bottom line is that when Batman slaps Robin in the face, it is hilarious. The only thing that would make it more hilarious would be to see some chewing gum flying from Robin’s mouth. I also couldn’t help to wonder: could this happen the other way around? Like if Batman disagreed with Robin, could Robin slap Batman in the face? Or would Batman just throw a bat-a-rang into Robin’s junk and then round-house kick him into a brick wall?

World’s Finest 153 is a fun collectible (Affiliate Link) because it’s not too hard to come by, yet it is old enough to become more valuable as time goes on. So it is definitely worth reading if you come across it, even if just to see the scenario where Batman slaps Robin.

What are your thoughts about Batman abusing his child protege? Leave a comment below and tell me your thoughts.