Thunderbolts 15 Deadpool Pizza

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Have you heard of this comic? I have just read Thunderbolts 15 (published 2013, second series), which is the first time I have read this series. The synopsis is that the team is following the Punisher around in his van to track down a crime family. Deadpool gets bored and abandons the team for a pizza. You see, Deadpool loves pizza, I guess.

I think what I discovered is that the concept of Thunderbolts is incredibly stupid. The idea is that a bunch of loner vigilantes are teamed up to accomplish tasks that they could never do alone. Now if you think that loners teaming up makes any sense at all, then this comic is for you. I picked this up because it has the Punisher, Elektra, Venom, and Deadpool all together. And there are some other teammates as well that you couldn’t care less about, like Red Hulk.

Thunderbolts 15 makes everyone look like an idiot. One, Deadpool abandons the team for pizza. Two, Earth is attacked by space aliens (how original!) and the Punisher completely does not care, and still wants to continue the mission. Three, Venom is Flash Thompson. I know that last one shouldn’t count, but why the heck is Flash Thompson Venom? Eddie Brock is the true Venom, not some sub-character nobody ever payed any attention to originally.
Jefte Palo
One last thing: the artwork. The artwork in Thunderbolts 15 was penciled by Jefte Palo, and let me tell you, his art style does not fit the comic at all. In fact, it would hardily fit anywhere aside from comics made for young children, I think. Jefto Palo draws more hard edges and sharp chins than I’ve seen in Batman the Animated Series. I don’t understand why Marvel keeps hiring artists like this.

Regardless of all I said, there is no denying one thing: bringing together the Punisher, Deadpool, Elektra, and Venom is pretty sweet. If this series were to run itself into the ground, just to see these characters kill each other off Battle Royale style would make it totally worth it. Oh yeah, one more thing about Thunderbolts 15: In case you have forgotten? Deadpool abandons his team for pizza! Check it out (Affiliate Link) for yourself.