Harley Quinn Kisses Batman

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I remember as a young child growing up, I would get home from school and immediately turn on the television. For some reason, Batman: The Animated Series would always begin right on time. It was different than the other cartoons, because it was the only one I watched that wasn’t funny, silly, or insulting to my intelligence. It would also have a lot of fun moments, such as the scene when Harley Quinn kisses Batman. So I figured I would give a brief Batman the Animated Series review so you can get an idea why I found the show so enjoyable.

While growing up, I knew little about Batman. Sure I knew he was a comic hero, but I didn’t know much about him aside from the silly Batman series with Adam West. After Batman The Animated Series began airing, I had instantly became a self-described expert on Batman. To me, he was better than sliced bread. I was able to learn about Mr Freeze, Clayface, Bane, Harley Quinn and so many other characters I had never heard of before.

Batman The Animated Series was grounding in many ways (at least to me it was). A dark and serious cartoon show for children would seem like a bad combination, but it worked wonderfully. You see, many television producers (who happen to be adults) tend to think that a child has the cognitive ability of a walnut. Because of that, they tend to make tv shows so focused on getting a child’s attention that they do anything, no matter how ridiculous, with minimal plot. The Batman animated series was written as if for adults, and was fully animated, with no cheap corner-cutting tricks. There were also realist guns in the series, which is almost non-existent in children’s cartoon shows.
batman animated series
If all that weren’t enough, Batman The Animated Series gave us the birth of Harley Quinn, a character so popular that she became a permanent cast member of the Batman universe. There is a popular scene in Season 3 where Harley Quinn kisses Batman to thank him for being such a nice guy. The series also introduced us to the voice actors of Batman and the Joker, for example, who have become the defining voice of the characters in future shows and video games.

If you consider yourself a Batman fan, you absolutely need to own (affiliate link) this series. Beside the countless classic Batman stories, the animation is top notch. None of that computer crap done today. And don’t forget that this series was produced by Warner Brothers, the king of cartoon shows. So take my word for it, Batman The Animated Series is worth every penny, just like how watching it was worth every second of my wasted childhood.

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