Spider-man blackmails Jonah Jameson

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Spider-Man can be a real jerk. Did you know that once punched a kid in the face? This should be no surprise, especially after villain Doctor Octopus stole his body. In Superior Spider-Man 13 he reaches a new low. Spider-Man blackmails Jonah Jameson who happens to be the mayor.

The plot of Superior Spider-Man 13 is that there were to be an execution at an offshore prison that was soon to be shut down. Of course, there was an elaborate escape attempt, which involved the mayor asking spider-Man to kill the escapee. Long story short, Spider-Man blackmails John Jameson, so he can keep the island for himself.

This is not the last time we will see Spider-Man do such a thing, I assure you. Whether embodied by Peter Parker or Doc Ock, Spider-Man has done his share of both ballsy and straight-up idiotic behavior. Like when he snapped and beat his wife. Sure, that was a “mistake”, or a “love tap” perhaps, or maybe he really wanted to do it. Regardless, Spider-Man seems to be a psychopath.

When Spider-Man blackmails Jonah Jameson, he shows him a hologram video recorded by one of his spider bots, which are little robots that watch all around the city. As sophisticated as the bots seem, recording in 3D and all, they seem to only project in blue. The idea of a virtual Spider-Man watching me while I shower or shoot squirrels with my pellet gun makes me sick.

J. Jonah Jameson, also known as the mayor and Spider-Man’s favorite punching bag, deserves some recognition for his perseverance. No matter how much Spider-Man blackmails him or punches him in the face, Jonah Jameson just keeps on trying. He tries to expose Spider-Man’s identity, he tries to shut down offshore prisons, and he even tries to make a newspaper that people will actually read. I for one, would love to see Jonah Jameson succeed for once, if only to see the look on Spider-Man’s face.

Spider-Man may be a menace, but at least he’s consistent. Whether punching kids, blackmailing mayors, or beating his wife, he always finds a way to justify his actions. Maybe next he’ll become a super villain and take over the world. With his army of spider bots and his impressive lack of morality, he may just succeed.

In conclusion, the actions of Spider-Man in Superior Spider-Man 13 have underscored his questionable character. His willingness to blackmail the mayor for personal gain, and his continued lack of remorse, demonstrate that he is not the hero we once believed him to be. With these actions in mind, it is clear that Spider-Man has little regard for the law or the well-being of those around him. As we continue to explore his story, one can only wonder what other dark secrets and twisted motivations lie beneath the surface of this iconic character.

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