Spider-Man punches kid in face

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Yes, you read that title correctly. I will even type it again to be clear: Spider-Man punches kid in face. In the Superior Spider-Man 3, the Marvel menace Spider-Man is fighting The Vultures henchmen, who happen to be tiny flying birdies. Spider-Man punches one of them out of the air. And what does he discover he had done?

He punched a chubby kid in the face.

In case Spider-Man and child abuse aren’t your two favorite pastimes, there are other kewl plot elements going on in Superior Spider-Man 3. For instance, Jonah Jameson builds a Spider Signal, a somewhat parody of the Bat Signal. The conflicts with the Vulture are resolved in this issue. As this is the first time the mind of Doc Oc battles a former colleague, things become interesting.

As with the others, the artwork in Superior Spider-Man 3 is superb and the plot has continued to be engaging and humorous. A surprising as it seems, it turns out that the Superior Spider-Man may turn out to be (gasp!) a good series, despite peoples’ low expectations.
Spider-Man punches child
So I ask my readers the same question I ask my friends on a daily basis: would you punch a kid in the face if you were Spider-Man?