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Mar 15, 2013
archer and armstrong

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I have been anxious to review Archer and Armstrong since it was rebooted in 2012 so I could give you a little preview. Archer and Armstrong from Valiant Comics (actually Valiant Entertainment, but no one uses that name) is part of the “Summer of Valiant”, when the publisher released other comics that have been putting them back on the map, like Bloodshot.

Just to briefly review the plot of Archer and Armstrong, there are a few things you should know. Obadiah Archer had been trained to be an accomplished martial artist has been given the Fulcrum, part of a weapon that destroyed life on earth ten thousand years ago. He uses it to meet an apparently immortal strong man named Armstrong. Together, they work as a team that beats the crap out of people. The plot is strung with conspiracies and involves the Masons.

Archer and Armstrong 1, is drawn by artist Clayton Henry. As with all of Valiant’s most recent comic books, the artwork is great, and the story is good as well. Some may be interested that there is also a variant cover (Affiliate Link) by Neal Adams. If you decide to collect the comics individually, you should know that Valiant Comics has the great habit of using minimal advertisements in its books.

As always, it is far cheaper just to read the trade paperback version of Archer and Armstrong, which collects issues 1 through 4. It will fill you in with all the details, and will whet your appetite for things to come. If you are a hardcore fan of the classic comics from the 90s, then the graphic novel you are looking for is Archer and Armstrong: First Impressions (hardcover). It is a collection of the entire origin from comics 0 to 6.
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