hack slash comic

The Hack Slash comic book (Hack/Slash) is the definitely the most stupid, satirical, satisfying guilty-pleasure comic you could find. And yes, I mean that in a good way. A combination of gore, humor and sex create a good combination for Image Comics, who heaven knows haven’t always have had the best ideas. This time around though, they have created a popular hit that I would not have guessed.

The Hack Slash characters are interesting, to say the least. Cassie may be one you are familiar with. Cassie Hack is some goth chick that kills Slashers. What are Slashes, you may ask? Just know they are bad guys. Zombies. Monsters. Whatever. Speaking of monsters, another green character named Vlad is a huge creature with a hard exterior but softer emotions comparatively. Other characters exist, of course, but those are the two most interesting in the Hack Slash comics.

In the first few comics of the series, the interior art is strange and abstract. For this reason, it is difficult to take the Hack Slash comic series seriously. Which, if your cup of tea, is perfectly fine. Lots of boobs and blood in your face as well. If any of this sounds interesting to you, I recommend you start of with the Hack Slash Omnibus Volume 1, which not only will get you up to speed, but has had rave reviews. If horror movies are your thing, Hack Slash is for you. If rainbows and Care Bears are your thing, look elsewhere. Also, I’d feel bad for you.

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