Whispers Comic


Mar 18, 2013
Whispers Comic

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I have just finished reading this fairly new book called Whispers, published by Image Comics. I thought that by giving a review of Whispers comic 1, I could provide a preview as well before you decide to give it a read yourself (which you should) . Whispers comes from 2012, the year when many new comics emerged: Epic Kill, the Bloodshot reboot, et cetera.

The Whispers comic though is different, and in a good way. In a world full of superheroes wearing spandex, Whispers lives in the same universe we do. Reality. The main character, Blake, has a severe fear of germs, that had impacted his past relationships and the life he currently lives. But things have made a sharp turn when he learns he is gifted. Blake is able to separate from his body while sleeping and observe anyone and anything. He discovers that his friends and family are in trouble, and questions how he should intervene.

Blake’s abilities in the Whispers comic are rooted in reality, where astral projection, or an out of body experience, is as real as rain. Whisper’s author Joshua Luna explores the possibility and makes you ask yourself: what would you do if your soul could separate from your body? I have always been interested in dreams and astral projection, so if you have ever dabbled in such, this story will be very interesting and easy to relate to.

The artwork in the first Whispers comic done by Joshua Luna (as well as the story) is really great. I do not know if Mr Luna had done the cover also, but it looks phenomenal. His drawings and figures are wonderful. I have always been impressed when I discover that someone creates both story and art. I tip my hat to the creator of this fine comic.

Image has really outdone themselves with the Whisper comic series. Image Comics has been making a strong comeback recently, and I recommend you hop on board early before you get lost. The best place to see if it’s available is TFAW.com (the shop where Dark Horse Comics originated). While shopping, start with Whispers 1, and go from there. You won’t regret it.
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