Epic Kill Comic


Mar 12, 2013
Epic Kill Comic

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Looking for an Epic Kill Comic Review? You’ve found it. Epic Kill was created, written and drawn by Raffaele Lenco. Epic Kill and Image Comics come together to tell the story of an assassin who lost her memory.

The story begins with a young woman, Song, in a predicament after losing her memory. She gains some of it back, however she becomes on the run once she realizes the is an elite assassin who has been ordered to kill a high government official. Seemingly everyone is trying to kill her, and they all fail to lay a scratch on her.

As for the artwork in the Epic Kill comic, most panels are drawn and colored beautifully. The problem though, are with the figures. Many of the characters appear stiff and life-like. They feel as if the artist used 3-D computer models as reference. A hilarious scene mimics The Matrix, where she is able to dodge bullets. The funny part? As the bullets are flying through the air, you can clearly see the shells still attached.

As eluded earlier, aspects of the Epic Kill story are not too original. In Epic Kill 1, the main character safely catches a tea cup that has fallen before it hits the ground. It is reminiscent of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon where the exact same thing happens. In addition, the story of an assassin losing their memory is old and tired. The Borne Identity, The Long Kiss Goodnight, etc. She is also a sexy, unstoppable assassin. Kill Bill comes to mind, and so does (shutter) Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever.

The good news, however, is that all these clich├ęs and frequently borrowed elements are used for a reason: they make a great story. The scene is set up for tons of action and eye candy. Influences aside, the Epic Kill comic is a fun read. I recommend the graphic novel, which contains Epic Kill 1 through 5.