batman vs superman

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Batman fights Superman? You betcha. More than once, even. You may have heard that an older Batman battles Superman in The Dark Knight Returns (without Kryptonite!). However, there is another instance where they fought that you may not have heard of: Batman Hush. Have you ever asked yourself who would win? Time to find out.

In the comic Batman: Hush, Superman is put under Poison Ivy’s Spell and ordered to kill Batman. Batman may not have powers, but he doesn’t need them. Batman leads Superman into tunnels where he knows Superman cannot track him. Then he takes out his Kryptonite ring and beats the crap out of him. The fight continues, however, I would rather not ruin the details. We have all dreamed about the Batman vs Superman scenario, which is why you should read it firsthand.

Should any of this be a surprise, though? Superman is powerful, and nothing can stop him, except for a green rock that happens to instantly make him more useless than Justin Beiber. Just stab him in the heart with a sharp slab. It’s so easy, a caveman could do it. Which is what Batman is thinking as the glowing rock sinks into Superman’s face. Also, do not forget that there was another Batman vs Superman scenario where Batman had to kill Superman. Read about it here.

When it comes to Batman fighting Superman, you could say it’s like an ant fighting an elephant. But let’s be real, Batman isn’t just any ant – he’s a particularly resourceful and vengeful ant. Superman may have all these god-like powers, but he doesn’t have the brains and cunning that Batman possesses. It’s no wonder The Dark Knight can take him down with a simple ring and Kryptonite. Let’s be real, if it weren’t for Batman, Superman wouldn’t have any real enemies. Clark Kent is lucky that Batman exists; otherwise, he would just be a guy who can punch really hard. But with Batman’s resourcefulness and unwavering determination to protect his city, Superman is no match. I mean, what’s Superman going to do when Batman pulls out a kryptonite bazooka?

Continuing on the topic of Batman vs. Superman, it is interesting to note that while Superman is a seemingly unstoppable force, Batman has managed to not only hold his own against him but defeat him in multiple instances. Batman’s intelligence, strategy, and unwavering determination to protect his city are what make him such a formidable opponent. In fact, in some ways, Batman’s limitations as a human are what make him even more impressive. He doesn’t rely on superpowers or brute strength, but rather his intellect and ability to outmaneuver his opponents.