Girls comic Johnathan Luna

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I had been a fan of a comic called Whispers (Affiliate Link) created by Joshua Luna due to its ease to relate to the main character and the brilliant supernatural plot element. Later a friend introduced me (Affiliate Link) to Alex + Ada, made by Jonathan Luna. The name is not a coincidence. The two are brothers, and when I discovered that they collaborated on the Girls comic series, I knew I had to read it. And to say the least, I was glad I did.

The Girls comic is not like one you have ever seen. It is about a town that gets trapped in what would seem like a giant sphere that resembles an egg cell. Inside the town is a giant mysterious sperm monster, which is getting fed dead females. And who is feeding the sperm monster? Aliens veiled as hot girls.

As strange as the Girls comic may seem, it goes deeper than the bizarre plot. Once the town realizes they are trapped, they quickly turn on each other. Everyone has the same reason: survival. However, no one agrees with the methods of each other. In fact, you could argue that they do more harm than good.

As with all of the comic books that the Luna Brothers are involved in, the Girls comic has a strange look to the way it is drawn. It does not look bad by any means, but rarely has imaginative angles or perspectives, and lacks shading and depth. Characters look flat and similar to each other.

Even with the complaints the Girls comic is pretty damn good. The ending is awesome and it grips you the entire way. The 24 issue series in the perfect length. The best part? The entire series is available as a trade paperback.

Have you read this comic book? What were your thoughts? Did you like it as much as I did? Leave a comment below.