Spider-Man Beats His Wife

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Let me tell you about what may be the most important comic book in Marvel’s Spider-Man history. The comic that made readers lose faith in the quality of Spider-Man stories, and dragged down the comic book industry along with it. The story was The Trial of Peter Parker and the comic was The Spectacular Spider-Man 226.

So what happened in Spectacular Spider-Man 226 that was so significant? We discover that Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, was actually a clone all along and not the real Spider-Man. This infuriated readers. The real Spider-Man was Ben Reilly, aka the Scarlet Spider. Peter loses his temper and becomes violent. And what does he do?

Peter Parker punches Mary Jane in the face.

Did I mention she was pregnant? I could say there is nothing funny about marital abuse, but in this case there is. The hilarious sound effect “SPWAT!” is used as she is back-handed across the room from the relative strength of a spider. In essence, Spider-Man beats his wife. Never thought I would type those words.

So there you have it. Spectacular Spider-Man 226 (Affiliate Link) contributed to the crash of the comic book industry, as well as featuring Spider-Man punching his pregnant wife, Mary Jane Watson. If those aren’t enough to convince you to read the story, then I don’t know how.

Did you read this story? What do you think of Spider-Man kissing his wife with his fist?