Identity Crisis DC

You may have heard of the comic Identity Crisis from DC. It is a murder mystery about the friends and loved ones of heroes being attacked and murdered. The question becomes apparent: how did the attacker learn the identities of all the heroes?

There is another major aspect of DC Comics’ Identity crisis that you may have heard about: Sue Dibny being raped. In the second issue of the story, it is revealed that the villain Doctor Light raped Sue while she was in the JLA Satellite. Beside erasing Doctor Light’s memory of the incident, the JLA had done something that not everyone agreed with: they altered his personality.

The story begins with the question: who killed Sue Dibny? Was it Doctor Light? But the fun really starts when Deathstroke beats the entire JLA single handily. It is quite a feat to witness. Very cool stuff. He wisely takes out Zatanna early by keeping her from speaking.

Batman also plays a major role in this story. While Zatanna is altering Doctor Light’s personality, Batman catches her in the act. To be clear, Identity Crisis is about morals. It is a great read, which unfortunately I cannot say for all graphic novels. You can read (affiliate link) from your usual provider of novels.

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