Wolverine vs Punisher

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If you are a fan of either Punisher comics or Wolverine comics, then you are going to love the story that combines the two. The Punisher War Journal 6 (Affiliate Link) features Marvel’s Wolverine (Logan) who has the powers to heal injuries at incredible speed, as well as unbreakable blades and bones.

The sixth issue of the Punisher War Journal (from 1989) tells the story of the Punisher taking a break from his war on crime to travel to a jungle to hunt a rumored dinosaur. Coincidentally, Wolverine is in the same area to hunt down poachers. When he spots the Punisher, Wolverine jumps to conclusions. The result is Punisher vs Wolverine. The story continues into Punisher War Journal 7.

Were you hoping that the Punisher kills Wolverine? Sorry, Wolverine can’t die… although there are exceptions. As a bonus to this well-written story, the Punisher fights and kills a Gorilla, with only a knife. Pretty awesome stuff. If the thought of the Punisher vs Wolverine gets your heart pumping, give it a read (affiliate link) to satisfy that hunger.

The thing that both Wolverine and the Punisher have in common is that they are both Marvel characters that are written into great stories. What do you think of them battling? Who would you picture as winning?