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Ever hear of this weird comic Thrillkiller? It is a painted graphic novel with Batgirl and Robin. It is a story with classic Batman characters playing alternate rolls. Bruce Wayne begins the story being a police detective ( fittingly), Barbara Gordon ( Batgirl) owns Wayne Manor, and the Joker is a woman.

The story Thrillkiller is painted and illustrated in a strange way. All the characters look stiff as if made out of wax. When a character punches, there is no sense of motion. When someone leaps in the air, it looks as if they were floating. All the people look too short as well.

That being said, there is still incredible realism in each panel. Faces and clothing grab your attention especially. There is also no doubting the artist’s signature look. Seeing Batgirl and Robin together in this way makes for an interesting story, to say the least. Costumes and ideals are different than they typically are.

But the real meat and potatoes, at least to me, is the female Joker. What is up with that? An interesting twist, indeed. To me, the actual canon female Joker is Harley Quinn, who I guess hardily counts due to her being just as sweet as she is evil. However she is going through this phase where she is becoming less campy and as seen as a more serious and lethal character. This probably stemmed from the video game Batman Arkham Asylum, and the comic-based movie Suicide Squad. Not that I would take that movie too seriously (what happened to Harley Quinn’s pants?!) but at least Margot Robbie is in the film, and she is some pretty sweet eye candy to gander at. But then again, so is Will Smith, and that makes me a sad panda.

If you can, Thrillkiller should be read (affiliate link) for its unusual style and theme. Characters are painted to pop out at you and to be easily remembered. So if you dig the Joker being a tranny, give it a look. Any thoughts about this graphic novel? Comment below.
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