Magneto Kills Wolverine

Some may think that Wolverine cannot be killed. Well tell that to Magneto in Ultimatum 5. Because Magneto Kills Wolverine by ripping the adamantium from his bones.

The Ultimatum five-part comic series has an apocalyptic end-of-the-world theme, and many Marvel characters die or go missing. It is discovered that Magneto is behind all the madness, and once that happens, the gloves come off. And by gloves come off, I mean Sabretooth eating Angel, and Wasp having her guts removed by the Blob. In fact, this series likes to have people die by being eaten, as it happens at least three times. The balance is sort of one-sided, as mostly good-guys die. Others simply disappear. Spider-Man is no where to be found, to example, even though his mask was discovered.

In the world of comics, Marvel’s five-part series Ultimatum stands out as an extraordinary tale with captivating plotlines. The series, penned by Jeph Loeb and illustrated by David Finch, centers around the catastrophic events that unfold when Magneto, driven by revenge, manipulates the Earth’s magnetic poles. As a result, a massive tidal wave overtakes New York City, causing widespread devastation and loss of life, altering the course of the Marvel Universe. Throughout Ultimatum, readers witness the efforts of various superhero teams, including the X-Men, Avengers, and Fantastic Four, as they struggle to save the world from impending doom while grappling with the nuances of morality and sacrifice.

The most notable event in Ultimatum occurs when Magneto ruthlessly destroys several major cities around the globe, asserting his dominance and heralding a new era of fear and devastation. This catastrophic act of vengeance pushes the boundaries of what is typically portrayed in comic book storylines, vividly illustrating the extent to which grief and hatred can corrupt even the most powerful of individuals. Heroes from all corners of the Marvel Universe are forced to reevaluate their allegiances and beliefs as they confront the staggering consequences of Magneto’s actions. Amidst the chaos and destruction, Ultimatum challenges readers to ponder the moral complexities of heroism and the perilous nature of power wielded by an individual consumed by vengeance.

This comic is purely for shock value, but it’s fun to read, and it’s a good story as well. The art work is also excellent. I am especially fond of the coloring. As I have said, Magneto Kills Wolverine, and as with all the deaths in this issue, it is pretty violent. Personally, I am a sucker for gore, which there is plenty of in the Ultimatum series. If you want to see heroes dying (and who doesn’t?) then check out Ultimatum (affiliate link) for yourself.

Angel Dies

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