Red Tornado

DC Comics had a lot of good comics that said “first issue” on the cover. However, usually those comics are from the 1940’s or 1950’s or something. When they come out now, nine times out of ten, “FIRST ISSUE!” plastered on the cover is usually a sign that you probably found the comic in the “free” box at a garage sale. Well, I just found one a number 1 issue of Red Tornado from 2009, so let’s see what it’s like, shall we? Perhaps something cool happens, like Red Tornado Finds Red Torpedo? Ah, I just gave it away. Well read on anyway.

The plot seems to be that the Red Tornado is an android that passes as being human. There are other characters as well shown in this first issue, such as the Red Torpedo and the Red Volcano. Some guy named T.O. Morrow saw into the future and built Red Tornado based on what he saw, i guess. These names aren’t too clever, if you ask me. Even though the Red Tornado is an android, he has an adopted daughter and a wife from Kansas, which I imagine must be awkward in bed. By the end of the issue, the Red Tornado finds Red Torpedo, his sister.

The Red Tornado issue 1 is pretty good. There aren’t too many invasive advertisements, and the artwork is superb. Coloring is good as well, and I didn’t spot and copy-and-paste jobs. I would guess this comic was penciled on actual paper instead of using a computer. This is definitely worth a read if you come across it. It’s issue 1 of 6, if you’re curious.

By Al

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