Kubert Correspondence Course Materials

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UPDATE: The Kubert School no longer includes many of these materials when purchasing a correspondence course. They must be purchased separately.

If you are wondering what is included in the Kubert School Correspondence courses, I don’t blame you one bit. The price is… pricey… and the materials description before purchase is vague. So let me clear it up for you. The Joe Kubert correspondence course materials are listed on an “art supply checklist” upon purchase and read as follows:

  • 5 sheets 2-ply bristol (pre-ruled)
  • 5 sheets tracing paper
  • 1 mechanical lead holder
  • 2 extra leads (3H)
  • 1 magic rub eraser
  • 1 #2 brush, Raphael
  • 1 white paint brush, Loew-Cornell
  • 1 T-square
  • 1 Ames guide
  • 1 triangle
  • 1 jar: Pelikan Ink (black) 1 fl oz
  • 1 jar: bleed proof white, 1 fl oz
  • 1 Speedball pen holder
  • 1 crowquill holder
  • course book
  • course video

There are also bagged pen points:

  • 1 B-5 Speedball nib
  • 1 B-6 Speedball nib
  • 1 #102 Hunt nib
  • 1 #108 Hunt nib
  • 1 #512 Hunt nib

Kubert Correspondence Course Materials in Detail

Here is a quick review of the Kubert Correspondence Course Materials. The materials are shipped in an elaborately detailed box. The course book is large, and is about 11″ by 17″. Also included are several instruction sheets, a shipping envelope, and a piece of cardboard to keep the art work from bending while shipping. The cost of shipping the artwork is not included, and must come out of your own pocket. Many of the materials have custom printing on them, and say “Joe Kubert’s World of Cartooning”. The say pictures are worth a thousand words, so take a look at the pictures of the course materials below:

kubert pens
kubert pen nibs
ames guide
kubert ink
bleed proof white

The Kubert Correspondence Course Video

When you purchase the course, you get a DVD. Some of the content will be the same, regardless of the course you choose. There are drawing demonstrations on each DVD.

The quality of the DVD is somewhat low. The disk itself looks as if it were made on a home computer. The DVD menu looks like it was made from a DVD recorder you would buy in an electronics store. It is obviously a VHS video that has been converted to DVD. Here are some screenshots, including Kubert telling you to put this video into a nearby VCR for easy reference.

kubert course dvd

kubert course dvd

Bonus Materials

Occasionally, the Kubert School will have a sale and offer a bonus along with it. Sometimes that bonus is a facsimile sheet of pencil drawings to practice inking over. Here is one I received with my materials. I don’t know which comic it is from. Does anyone out there know the origin of this page? Please comment below.

kubert bonus