Zatanna Costume

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Everyone loves Zatanna Zatara, not because she is the greatest sorcerer in DC Comics, but because she is beautiful and intriguing with her backward spells. Since her first appearance in 1964 we had the pleasure of witnessing several Zatanna costumes throughout different time periods. Everyone’s favorite, though, circles back to the first one she ever had.

Many of her outfits are variations of the one first seen in Hawkeye issue 4. In fact, she is seen on the first page, front and center. She is wearing a sort of Tuxedo, white shirt, bow tie, fishnet stockings and a top hat. She also has on heels and spandex bottoms or something. There are variations of this costume where she wears a corset or vest or whatever, but they are all based on this costume from her first appearance. This outfit is similar to the one her father used to wear, and looks like something a stage magician would wear.

Zatanna Jumpsuit Costume

In Swam Thing 49 (from the 80s) we see Zatanna and Constantine interact for the first time on a comic panel. In this case, she is wearing a red jumpsuit with a belt and some kind of ornament on her head. The original comic contains several panels that have the opening of her outfit lined with yellow, however in another panel the lining and her belt are white. In reprints, the yellow coloring on her clothes had been removed from all the panels. This is one of the more peculiar of the bunch. Even Constantine in this comic points out that he missed the old costume, and Zatanna ridicules how bad it used to look with the top hat and fishnet stockings. Near the end of the comic, though, we see the true costume that she had during the 80s.

Zatanna one-piece with cape

During this time period she had a one-piece outfit along with a blue jacket, stockings and a white cape. Along with the same headpiece she also had square-like earrings red in color. There is also a jewel-like medallion in front of her collar. This one of her many attires that can be seen often in the series (Affiliate Link) Justice League of America. In a flash-back sequence during Identity Crisis we see this costume again but slightly different earrings. A closer look at the headpiece reveals that it is a dragon. This one is my personal favorite of them all.

Zatanna New 52 Costume

Of all the different attires, the New-52 era may be the most interesting. In the comic Justice League Dark we can observe several variations of outfits involving leather, corsets and fishnet. I think they were going for a goth look here, but she often comes off looking like a streetwalker.

Designing Your Own

When it comes to dressing up as your favorite heroine, the rules are all your own. Most people, however, would prefer to cosplay in the way Zatanna usually dresses. Thus, you would need the following:

  • A black top hat
  • A black tuxedo jacket with tails
  • A white button-up shirt
  • Spandex briefs or similar
  • Black high-heeled boots
  • Bow tie
  • Fishnet stockings
  • A red bow tie or ribbon
  • A black wand or cane
  • A deck of playing cards

As far as makeup, she is sometimes depicted with long eyelashes, smokey eyes, and red lipstick. Although the fishnet stockings are iconic, you may want to consider pantyhose as an alternative, due to logistics like the weather. She also has black hair and a thin stature, two things to consider before choosing to portray this character convincingly.

Why The Combination Works

Each item, from the top hat to the stockings, is not at all random; it is handpicked and harmoniously blends with one another. Now, let us closely examine how each element contributes to creating an imposing yet graceful look for Zatanna.

Zatanna’s outfit would be incomplete without the top hat, which can be decorated with a ribbon and a flower if need be. It is because the hat has become an integral part of her style that it attracts attention to her elegant yet mysterious image. But it is more than just a fashion statement; it also acts as a sign of her identity as a performer. Being an experienced stage illusionist, this top hat is the perfect addition to complete her magician look. After all, when you see Zatanna wearing that iconic hat, you know she’s about to put on a show!

Also, we are going to discuss her slim, shiny black tuxedo jacket. The way it is cut makes her attire more elegant and emphasizes the femininity of her body. On top of that, its clean lines and large shoulder pads help create an image of power and self-assurance – an important element for her to captivate the audience on stage with her mind-blowing magic tricks. Peeping out of the jacket is a white long sleeved shirt, adding a sense of delicate charm to her ensemble. The solid white against the solid black generates a strong visual contrast, which helps her outfit to be even more noticeable.

Regarding her black high-waisted spandex shorts or briefs, they have a practical and beautiful use. In this case, the shorts give Zatanna freedom of movement on stage, which is really needed when she’s performing her magic tricks. Additionally, they contribute to the alluring look that she maintains in every way. This is highlighted by the shorts’ high-waisted feature, which gives an illusion of length to her legs and heightens a sense of her being more svelte.

Before moving on to Zatanna’s fishnet stockings, we cannot exclude their key role in her outfit. They are a way to pay homage to the fashion of the showgirls, as well as injecting a pinch of daring into her appearance. Fishnet hose will create a very delicate and dazzling visual effect, similar to that induced by magical spells. In addition, it serves as a recognizable dress style so anyone who reads comic books can easily identify her in the crowd.

To sum it all up, Zatanna’s attire, top hat, and fishnet stockings included, are precisely selected to complement each other, which definitely turns into a unified and energetic presentation. It not only conveys her onstage self but also contributes to her mystery and appeal. The costume Zatanna wears stands out as an example of how various garments can coordinate and boost each other, creating something genuinely iconic and ageless.