Batman Kills Joker

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We all know that Batman prefers not to kill, since the murder of his parents had left a lasting impression on him. However there is a fantasy sequence in the comic Injustice Year Three that shows how far Batman could be willing to go. It is the same comic where we get to see Superman’s daughter. So there is quite a few interesting things that happen in this one particular comic issue. Such as when Batman kills Joker for Superman’s sake. This is an interesting fantasy considering how much Batman hates Superman, and had committed so many years to not harming Joker. So how did this come to be?

Batman had just put Superman to sleep using some purple dust. While he sleeps Superman has a fantasy how things could have been if Batman had decided to kill The Joker, which would have meant Lois and her unborn child would have lived. Batman takes Joker into custody and tells Superman that Joker will never bother him ever again. While in the Batmobile with Joker, Batman is seemingly taking Joker back to Arkham Asylum. He apparently had other plans, as Batman kills Joker by snapping his neck. Immediately after, Bruce with his mask off stops at a police station and reports his murder. Standing on the curb are Renee Montoya, Commissioner Gordon and Harvey Bullock in total shock.

The following issue shows the outcome. Bruce Wayne is now in prison for what he did to the Joker. Superman visits him and offers encouraging words, anticipating an early release with good behavior. Bruce says that he had been beating up a lot of people and thus has doubt of early release. Superman’s visit was to tell him that he was having a girl, but Bruce already made the prediction. A very similar prediction took place at the end of Kingdom Come when Bruce predicted that Wonder Woman was pregnant.

Batman in Prison

The story continues to show Superman’s daughter growing up and becoming a symbol of peace, since she is a child of two worlds. She was able to look at the Earth from a distance and predict that the end was near, and people needed to end their petty quarrels immediately. None of this actually mattered though, since the whole thing was a fantasy. Other interesting pieces of this fantasy include Joker discovering that Batman’s name is Bruce. You could pick up the issue (Affiliate Link) with the fantasy but for the price it’s at, you might as well just buy the graphic novel version, which would probably be a wiser decision.