Joker Kidnaps Robin using Christmas Lights

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Robin is in the middle of a fight in the street when he finds himself in a bad situation. He is on foot with thugs shooting at him and chasing him with a car. He has a gunshot wound in his shoulder. Someone in another car calls out to Robin with their door open. Robin takes the opportunity to leap into the car, not caring who it is and simply takes action to save his own life. To his surprise it turns out to be The Joker. Quickly Robin is gassed and passed out. When he wakes up we can see that The Joker kidnaps Robin with Christmas lights wrapped around him and being gagged with a tree ornament. It turns out that Robin’s encounter with Joker was purely coincidental it seems.

Apparently Joker killed a couple and stole a minivan, as Robin discovers by seeing their bodies in the back seat. Joker is enjoying himself as he runs people over. It seems that when The Joker kidnaps Robin, he does so to have a captive audience as he causes mayhem. This seems to be a Christmas time tale, since Joker is wearing a Santa hat and says that he likes to have eggnog flavored milkshakes this time of year, even if they are pure fat. So Joker stops by a fast food drive-through and orders his food too quickly to be understood. Once he pulls his vehicle to the order window, he asks to speak to the manager, who he quickly shoots.

Joker Shoots Fast Food Manager

While this is going on, Robin is sweating to the point where his gloves are getting loose. Once freed he immediately punches Joker in his jaw. While fighting, Joker falls out of the car and into the road. a large truck hits joker directly, and knocks him off a bridge into more oncoming traffic. Despite all this, there is no evidence of Joker’s death, as his body is missing. Batman is talking to Robin at the scene and says that he is proud of him because he was able to stand up to The Joker.

If you come across Detective Comics 826 be sure to pick it up (Affiliate Link). The strange thing about this story is how many crimes The Joker had committed openly in public, such as hit-and-runs, and police weren’t tracking the culprit on their radios. When thinking about Robin and Batman we tend to forget that Gotham City has a police force. This is especially true when Joker kidnaps Robin and our thoughts are directed elsewhere. All characters are drawn exceptionally well, thanks to artist Don Kramer.