Superman goes berserk

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What would you do if the strongest man on earth began to go on a rampage? What if he flew into the room, sealed all the exits, and began tearing the roof down? Well that’s what happens in Alex Ross’ Kingdom Come (Affiliate Link). Superman goes berserk and decides to kill everyone in the room.

Kingdom Come is a story about the future, where heroes like Superman and Wonder Woman have retired, and the next generation of super heroes have taken responsibility. And by take responsibility, I mean completely disregard human life while they fight each other and destroy the planet. Superman returns to restore order, and in doing so decided to imprison all the heroes, which creates a ticking time bomb. Of course, they escape.

So what do you do if hundreds of super heroes and grouped in one place, and begin destroying everything? That’s right, you nuke them into oblivion. There is just one little snag though. Vaporizing hundreds of people tends to make people like Superman go berserk. And when Superman goes berserk, it isn’t pretty. Incredibly awesome and cool to see, but not pretty.

This is just one of many twists and things that go on in Kingdom Come, which is clearly artist Alex Ross’ masterpiece. Some have criticized Alex Ross for his heavy use of photo reference, however once you see the level of detail in this comic, (affiliate link) you will forgive anything you may have heard. This is, without exception, one of the best graphic novels you will ever read, and I do not say that lightly. If I were to say any more, I would be spoiling even more than I already have.