Superman reveals his identity to lois

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Superman and Lois have been through a lot. Despite being almost killed hundreds of times, Lois still remained by Superman’s side. In Superman’s defense though, Lois has a tendency to leap into the way of danger. (You know how women are. Kidding, kidding.) After working side by side with Clark Kent, and being saved by Superman daily, she never figured out that they were the same person. Even though she’s an investigative reporter. Makes sense to me. In Action Comics 662 however Superman reveals his identity to Lois.

This blows my mind, that Superman reveals his identity to Lois, rather than her finding out on her own. Crazy stuff, if you ask me. Let’s state the obvious first: Clark Kent looks exactly like Superman wearing a suit and glasses. Moreover, she is a reporter that is always spying on people to get the big scoop. And finally, she has had continuous close proximity to both Superman and Clark Kent.

The plot of Action Comics 662 is that Clark Kent, aka Superman, is engaged to Lois Lane. He knows that he has to tell her that he’s Superman, but has been waiting for the right time. After fighting the Silver Banshee, he returns to Lois’ apartment and Superman reveals his identity to Lois.

Action Comics 662 is printed on crappy newsprint, as most comics were during its day. It is a real shame, considering how beautiful the drawings are. If you are a collector, there are actually a couple different versions (Affiliate Link) of this comic, in case you come across it like I have. Definitely worth adding it to your collection.