Batman Painted Himself Yellow

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If you know about Frank Miller’s writing, then you know that it’s often hit or miss. All Star Batman and Robin was somewhat of a miss due to Miller’s odd take on Batman, but combined with super-star artist Jim Lee it became a classic, whether for positive reasons or not. There are some scenes that are rather comical, especially in the way they are drawn. For example we see Dick Grayson gorging on a burger and fries. But nothing takes the cake more than when Batman painted himself yellow to confront the Green Lantern member Hal Jordan.

In issue 9 of All Star Batman and Robin we see on the very first page that Batman painted himself yellow and has his face directly in front of Hal Jordon in a threatening manner. On the next page we discover that Robin painted the entire room yellow using a paint roller. And not just the room but everything in it as well, such as the tables, pipes, and even the trash can. But what’s most comical about the situation is that both Batman and Robin are completely yellow as well. Skin, costumes, hair, everything. To add to the humor, Batman offers Jordan a glass a lemonade while pouring himself a glass, then teases him by saying he should really try it since it’s such a hot day.

Meanwhile Green Lantern is offended because Batman is giving him and others a bad reputation. He explains that a lot of people want to bring Batman down, and they think that people like Green Lantern are all as crazy as he is. Jordan claims that many people call them criminals. Batman then makes a bold statement by saying that they have always been criminals and they have to be criminals. Apparently Jordan doesn’t take this so well, because even though Batman painted himself yellow, this doesn’t stop him from hitting Batman with his fists.

Yellow Batman

Robin steals Green Lantern’s ring and hits him in the throat. Batman flips out because he can’t breathe and is going to die. He quickly takes a straw and sticks it in his neck. While doing this Batman removes his mask and Robin discoverers that Batman is Bruce Wayne. The way Robin acts in this scene seems abnormal compared to other comics with the same character, and this may be the reason why All Star Batman and Robin received bad reviews. But if for no other reason, you should get this (Affiliate Link) to see Jim Lee’s artistic talent. Critics praised the artwork back then, and it is just as good now. And oh yeah, don’t forget to see that Batman painted himself yellow. Be sure to give it a read.