robin loves burgers and fries

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Ever read All-Star Batman and Robin, The Boy Wonder? If you had, you would know that Batman is a man whore. You would also know that Batman is a jerk. Batman is such a jerk that he intends Robin to eat rats as part of his emotional training or something.

If you were a little American kid that just had his parents killed, what would you crave the most? That’s right: little Robin loves burgers and fries. We know this for a fact because Batman’s butler, Alfred, decided that a bacon cheeseburger would provide better nutrition than a rat would. Batman flips out and man-handles Alfred, and Alfred pretty much tells him to go eff himself.

Robin loves burgers and fries. Who would have thought? I would have thought that a circus performer would like cotton candy, or ten-dollar hot dogs that come all dried out and wrapped in a piece of tin foil. Perhaps Robin could have doubled as a side-show freak and could have been eating rats. Batman would have been right!

So who wrote this masterpiece? Frank Miller, of course. I would be lying if I said Frank Miller could never do wrong (Dark Knight Strikes Again, I’m looking in your direction). That being said, this story is pretty good. Combined with Illustrator Jim Lee and you have comic book gold. I mean, Jim Lee has a unique type of three-dimensional that seems to pop at out you. His figures look much more appealing yet don’t look super realistic.

If you love burgers and other American stereotypes, be sure to read All-Star Batman and Robin, The Boy Wonder. Not just because Robin loves burgers and fries, but also because Batman is a grade-A certified jerk that gets off by making little kids eat rats for dinner. Perhaps I misinterpreted the message of this story? Leave a comment below and set me straight.